“Dami, has signed up but not made order or payments, send her your messages on discounts with a link to take her to your store on WhatsApp. Track the clicks on the links to help drive sales.”



Send SMS, transaction notifications, one time password (OTP) to customers on mobile and Whatsapp. All from your Retain account.


Send transaction notifications to customers for purchases, deliveries, account based activities and financial transactions. Notifications can be delivered on SMS, Whatsapp and emails.

Mobile SMS Marketing

Deploy bulk SMS, digital marketing to target audience on mobile phone. Target your marketing to various customer segments and more


Verify transactions, users and activities with one time password. Send to local and global line and confirm customer actions.


AI Chatbot

Deploy AI chatbot to interact with your customers on whatsapp, web and social media. Chatbots are your virtual assistants and can give your business global reach and always on .


Chat with customers on whatsapp, web and Facebook using our bot. Our Chabot are powered by AI and can perform most actions like product showcase, customers’ service, payments and more.

Bot Store

We have built the bot store so you don’t have to do the complex one. Choose your bot model, function from our botstore. We have bot for most segments like e-commerce, small business, customer services and Fintech. Just pick and customize for your own

Live Chat

You can transfer conversation from a bot to a human. Get notifications for when the bot is transferring conversation to human and close deals quickly


A solution made just for you

Retains supports the entire business from including retail, fintech, startups, FMCG, logistics and more. All business who need real time and live conversation with customers and users on various channels. All from your personalized dashboard.

Lead Generation

Build a database of your customers. You can upload the data, integrate with your CRM or Generate leads from your mobile messaging with traceable links. Segment the customers into audiences based on their behavior, buying stage and customer type.

Increase your customer loyalty.

Retain your customer with digital messages, discounts and product features. Build audience of loyal customers, segment customers by behavior, deploy marketing and messages based on audience.

Detailed analytics and reporting

No more speculations. Monitor in real time your message performance on a functional dashboard customized just for you.